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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Contests, Facebook and Scheduled Maintenance

Hello all,

We are starting a contest this week to see who can make the best building. It will begin at 9:01 Pacific (Monday, 12:01 AM Eastern) tonight. We will be giving a $25 dollar gift card to the winner selected on Friday. Good luck to anyone who participates! We also have a Facebook; click here to see it. Finally we will be doing some small permissions checks and adding a minor administrative plugin. This will be occurring at 5 PM and should take no longer than a half an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may cause.

Thank you for supporting MadnessMC!

General Manager and Administrator
MadnessMC Administration
Delta Internet and Media Services LLC.
admin (at) madnessmc (dot) com

Server Released!


The Vanilla server is now online and also accepts offline clients.

The information to join is in the previous message. If you need assistance please notify a member of staff in game, via phone, live chat or in skype.

Delta Internet and Media Services

New Server Released


Effective tonight at 7 PM the server will be released to the public! We will have staff online all throughout the weekend to ensure everything is functioning right. DIMS support will also be open until 10 PM tonight to help expedite the servers operations. We will give the kit I mentioned in the previous message to any current or former players on either of MadnessMC’s Servers.

Time: 7 PM Pacific Standard Time
Date: Friday, November 23rd 2012

Host: vanilla.madnessmc.com:25566

Thank you for supporting MadnessMC through this change!

Project Operations
Delta Internet and Media Services LLC.

New Server – Tekkit Closing


Today I have some announcements regarding the server. First of all we will be closing the Tekkit server because Tekkit Development has ceased. With that said we have also dropped the small Vanilla Server we were running. We are currently in the process of building a new larger Vanilla Server from scratch. We also will be openly advertising this server once set up and testing is complete. This server is also running off of a new host and new world where everything will be legit. This means no creative or opped in items. We have however installed a flying plugin for VIP and staff, worldguard to protect regions and homes, worldedit to ensure management of the world is easier for us, essentials (/home is worth it), chestshop so people can sell their goodies, buycraft to automate the donation process, anticreeper to prevent creeper explosion land damage (explosions still hurt players), treeassist to help chop these and the autoanouncer a chat scroll script. We also intend to add a disguise plugin and others depending upon what the community wants to see. We are sorry that we have had to shut down the Tekkit Server and our previous Vanilla server; for that our staff will be willing to provide you one free set of diamond and materials to get you started (64 oak planks, 64 sand, 2x 64 cobblestone and 15 torches). Thank you for supporting MadnessMC! We will be opening the server up once testing is complete.


MadnessMC Staff

Chatbox/Support Room