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please see this link for information about 1.5.



Minecraft 1.5 Update Information


This is a notice about the recent update to 1.5. The notice is copied from the Delta Internet and Media Blog:

“Mojang has released 1.5. Due to the fact that it takes Bukkit time to update we will not even explore the possibility of updating until Monday March 18th. If we are able to update at that point we will be taking the server down on Tuesday to begin installing the new patch and installing fresh plugins to prevent any critical errors. We may also provide a test server for the pre-release Bukkit build today if technical support staff time permits. Please do not contact DIMS Customer Service if you have upgraded to 1.5; as you have not heeded our Technical Support Team’s warning that we will not upgrade until next week no support will be provided AT ALL. In addition the test server will have very limited support until we move the production server over to 1.5. A live stream will happen later today on the server at 3 PM Pacific Time.”

Information below is for your convenience:

[2:04:55 PM] ~ The Lurking Derp-Derp ~: After further checking it will not be possible for any test servers to even run 1.5; remember just becuase Mojang releases something does not mean it WORKS or that ANY MODS or SERVER PACKS WORK with it. As such NEVER UPGRADE until the server you play on TELLS you. Unless you want 100 percent griefable vanilla or just play single player ALWAYS ask BEFORE you update.
[2:07:11 PM] ~ The Lurking Derp-Derp ~: http://www.minecraftmine.org/how-to-downgrade-minecraft/ < Use this guide to downgrade to 1.4.7; note that this is written by a private party and as such we provide NO SUPPORT whatsoever as to how effective it is or if it will not break your minecraft; short version use the link only if you actually know what you are doing.


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