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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Unscheduled Downtime


The server will be going down due to issues with plugins. It will be whitelisted for DEVs to find out what is going wrong with the plugins that are causing problems with groups. We hope to have more information soon. This post will be edited with a timeline on when the server will be back up as soon as we have a time set.


DIMS Network Management

EDIT: Updating the plugins to see fi that works. – Josh

Server is back online for the time being.

Note for VIP/Sponsor

The permissions for VIP ans sponsor have been somehow messed up; all users need to be removed and readded to those groups. In short that means that there is a very SMALL list of people who can actually fix this; please DO NOT mention it to mods; they CANNOT help you. Same goes for most of the other staff. Garrett is dealing with life stuff right now as is Lmino so I have given Cat access to help with this for the time being until this situation is resolved however prior to today the only people with access to fix this would have been Dan or I.

On that note I am considering flushing the VIP and Sponsor usergroups and requiring people to contact me to be readded to those groups. I will have a decision on that later today. Sorry for the trouble this causes.

~ Risa

UPDATE: I have removed anyone that I do not know has working permissions. Please ask someone with MCMA access to readd you to your group if you need to be added.

Some Site Updates/Mod Reinstated/New Admin


I have updated the site and would like to apologize for the lack of updates to the site. The server’s cap has been moved up to 30 since the community has grown. Also Threedogsplay is back as a mod; last but not least because Lmino has taken a LOA and has not been active for awhile a new admin has been brought in to help with support… Jorgi AKA Littlenightmare93 from those who know her when we ran PA or on Minecraft Jorgipie is the new admin. If you need anything feel free to let her or any other member of staff know… Oh and /buy works now…

Thanks for your support!

~ Risa

Chatbox/Support Room