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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Staff Concerns

Since most of the recent team have been highly inactive we are asking the community what it feels about the current team. Please vote!



EDIT: Added a new tool to the site; to check if minecraft’s auth servers and such are down just click “MC Status”.

Some Updates

Hi everyone,

If you are not aware DIMS closed. As such a few things have happened. They are listed below:

– Support is no longer available at support.deltaims.net.
– We have a new forum; click on forum for more information.
– The legit server was merged into the vanilla server. Ask staff how to access it or ask a member who is in the legit world to tp.
– The legit server is now closed.
– Support will no longer be offered via phone unless the server is down. If you need help please use /ticket, the forums or a skype group. Please also remember that some of DIMS people were paid to help you; this is no longer the case. As a result support will be provided when volunteers can help you; we recommend for urgent issues you add staff on skype and for non-urgent problems please use /ticket or post on the forums.

Thanks for your support and enjoy Minecraft!


P.S. Join the forums if you can; I plan to do a lot with them since they will be my main method of doing stuff now.

Chatbox/Support Room