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Monthly Archives: August 2014

The End of an Era of Minecraft

So about 2 months ago Madness was restarted and shortly afterwards we were made aware of the abrupt change to Mojang’s enforcement of its End User License Agreement. It not allowing money for ANY type of modification to the games core content (from the prospective of our legal staff that COULD even mean anti-griefing tools) is beyond unintelligible and from where I stand completely unacceptable. I understand Mojang wants to save players from Pay to Win however massively crushing any attempt at modding, development support for servers and generally making ANY change whatsoever to what they give you makes Minecraft something that can no longer be viable for anyone who actually wants donations. (I don’t mean to be rude but the majority of people who play Minecraft are CHILDREN; they do not yet understand what donating is (the sake of giving money for nothing)… Mojang taking the stance it has in effect kills Minecraft Multiplayer as it is today.

The reason I am going on this rant is because Madness Minecraft will no longer be supported due to the closing of Bukkit our primary server build. The server will not be closed however nothing will be updated (because quite frankly it can’t be updated). I note that people have been having further permissions issues and apologize however considering the fact that Bukkit is in essence dead development for plugins will eventually cease making the ability to fix the problem impossible. I was sort of expecting something like this to happen because the MMC community was already basically on life support anyway. If people don’t want to use the server as a result of this I will understand… If there is no use of the server by September 1st I will assume that everyone has given up and set a closing date… Because of the nature of this closure (if it happens) I am sure you all understand what that would mean.

Hopefully I will be seeing you all again on the server; if not though I will understand… You can always try to come play Unturned. Once the new version comes out if it is stable enough I plan to open up a public server for it and best of all it is FREE; yes that is right… It does not cost you to actually play :D!


Joshua Hina
Lead Administrator
Madness Minecraft

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