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Site Updated


The site has finally been implemented once again. The server has changed a lot but is STILL open; to those who left when I closed it in June we are now back online thanks to a few folks from another games community and a couple guys here at my Uni encouraging me to keep this going. You guys should really thank them! Some mods are around still if   you guys need help and a new spawn has been implemented to make finding the world you want to play on easier.



Further Updates

Due to the lack of use of this site we recommend checking the Facebook for updates. A link to the Facebook is on the information page.

Back Online!

Hi all~

After a falling out with the folks whom we were considering merging the server with Madness is back online. My main focus on the merging was ensuring you guys had a place to play even if I could not pay the bill but I guess I did not really think about it fully because well… here we are at this point again. If anyone is interested in donating let me know; we need money to keep this running and I would rather not sell part of things to some random who does not really want us to be part of their community.

Go play,

Josh (Risa-Chan)
Owner, Risa Project/MadnessMC

Please Read This


Please read this and comment; it will affect the future of the server.

1.6.4 Update

Mojang has released an update to Minecraft 1.6.4. Minecraft 1.6.4 is an update that requires clients to update before being able to connect. We are in process of updating to the Bukkit DEV build to allow for easy use of this patch. Once the update is complete you can update your client to the new patch.

Comments and Spawn

Hi all,

In an effort to make commenting on posts here easier and more interactive with the staff I have installed Disqus. We now should respond to any messages you post within a day or two now. Sorry it has taken so long for us to respond to comments. Also for those who joined and had issues with spawn we are building a new spawn to prevent this from continuing to occur. Until the new spawn is complete I have tried a temporary solution. If you continue to spawn under spawn please let me know.


~ Risa

Staff Concerns

Since most of the recent team have been highly inactive we are asking the community what it feels about the current team. Please vote!



EDIT: Added a new tool to the site; to check if minecraft’s auth servers and such are down just click “MC Status”.

Some Updates

Hi everyone,

If you are not aware DIMS closed. As such a few things have happened. They are listed below:

– Support is no longer available at support.deltaims.net.
– We have a new forum; click on forum for more information.
– The legit server was merged into the vanilla server. Ask staff how to access it or ask a member who is in the legit world to tp.
– The legit server is now closed.
– Support will no longer be offered via phone unless the server is down. If you need help please use /ticket, the forums or a skype group. Please also remember that some of DIMS people were paid to help you; this is no longer the case. As a result support will be provided when volunteers can help you; we recommend for urgent issues you add staff on skype and for non-urgent problems please use /ticket or post on the forums.

Thanks for your support and enjoy Minecraft!


P.S. Join the forums if you can; I plan to do a lot with them since they will be my main method of doing stuff now.

Update and Apology

Hello all,

I would like to inform you that I have updated the server to 1.6.2. I would like to also apologize for my utter lack of being around or caring. I would like to explain myself but also apologize for this. I had thought that everyone had left and no one really gave a damn. After sitting by and watching things die almost completely I still see a small group of loyal people on both servers. For that I would like to thank you all; you have successfully restored my faith in this community. I have updated the main vanilla server to 1.6.2 and we have a new smaller server for those who do not want to play factions. This server is by invite only. If you are interested please contact me. For the normal Vanilla Factions Server due to the overwhelming support of the community (even though we have lost most of our players) I will not be closing it or changing it in any way. Now some may note the drama with Ben over the past few weeks; this has all been resolved and your information is safe. I have restored the security of our dedicated server to ensure that it will remain stable and operational for a long while to come.The only issue I will note is that the groups are quite messed up. I will be working to fix this; so please email me directly if you have permissions issues or shoot me a message on skype.

Once again thank you for your support and for those I have let down; sorry…. I wish I could have done better to please you here as my goal has always been to have a happy flurishing community but for the longest time I just thought no one gave a shit. Anyway enough babble; go play Minecraft.


Joshua Hina (~ Risa-Chan ~)
Chief Executive Officer
Delta Internet and Media Services LLC.
jhina (at) deltaims (dot) net
1 888 401 – 0189 Option 4

Change in Focus

The admin team has changed its focus to a new server that is going to be a private server for old members of Madness. Message Josh for more info. Peace guys – Athena

Chatbox/Support Room